Six Tips for Choosing Your Next Dental Plan

If you have experienced tooth pain, you understand the importance of having dental care. You can also avoid dental emergencies or dental problems by visiting the dentist regularly for your checkups and cleanings provided by your dental plan or dental insurance. 

There are many dental insurance plan options to choose from – it can be hard to determine which one to get. The type of coverage, deductibles, and premiums all widely vary and comparing them can be difficult. 

Check out the tips below for comparing your new dental plan options.

Consider each family member and their needs

Preventive care such as exams, x-rays, and cleanings are treatments that each family member should receive. Children typically need some additional things including: sealants, fluoride, and sometimes – braces. If you have active kids or if they play sports – they might need a mouth guard. It’s also important to note that they may be more prone to having an accident. 

Dental insurance for adults is needed for gum disease, tooth sensitivity, and to replace any missing teeth. Preventative care remains important – especially for seniors who may develop heart issues or diabetes. 

Determine what plans are available near you

First, you should start by searching which plans are available where you live. You can keep things simple by comparing plans that you will be able to purchase. Narrow your search by looking at what is available in your state or ZIP code.

Find a plan that offers several options for dentists & dental practices

There are so many reasons that you would want to give yourself more than one dentist to choose from. Limiting yourself to a single dentist or practice may cause issues including: you don’t like the location or hours they offer, you may not feel comfortable with that doctor, or you might not feel comfortable with a member of their office staff. Giving yourself and your family flexibility of having more options prohibits these issues from arising. 

Consider all costs

When you are in search of a dental provider, you should first consider the monthly cost or premium. Make sure you look at what you will have to pay out-of-pocket, or the deductibles for any dental service prior to your insurance being active. 

The maximum annual limit is another cost that you should pay attention too. Insurance companies typically cap the amount that they will pay for dental treatment per year. Once your maximum is reached, you will be responsible for any future costs. For individuals who have ongoing dental issues, this annual limit could be very important. Some dental insurance plans limit the number of times a certain procedure can be done each year. For example: when selecting a new insurance plan – they may offer 2 cleanings per year. If you want 3 that year, you will have to pay for the 3rd cleaning.  

Determine what treatments are covered

Routine dental treatments are mostly covered under dental insurance. However, procedures such as whitening and dentures are not typically covered. Some plans may include these types of treatments, but only at a portion of the cost. You should know exactly what is covered prior to selecting a dental plan. 

You should also be aware that many insurance plans have a “waiting period”. Depending on the plan you choose – some of them require you to wait up to 18 months before getting coverage on procedures. 

Discount dental plans / Savings plans

This is different from insurance. A dental discount plan allows you to join a group where you can receive discounts on certain services. 


There are a variety of different family dental insurance plans available today. 

Cost tends to be the biggest concern and it is important to note that in the long run, you can save money if you take the time to consider the needs of your family first. By anticipating future needs, you can help avoid hefty dental expenses. 

Following the steps provided can help you in choosing which plan is the best for you and your family while getting the best bang for your buck.


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