Summer Smile Tips

3 Awesome Tips for a Healthy Summer Smile

Summer vacation equals summer fun! Warmer months are always perfect for spending quality time with your family, but vacation time can also throw off your typical dental routine. Below are three easy ways to prevent tooth decay this summer and keep your smile bright:

Keep a Routine

During Summer vacation – we tend to stay up late, eat lots of sugar, and find it hard to remember brushing before these late bedtimes.

Keeping a routine during these eventful months can make all the difference for many years to come!  If you have children, you can help supervise that your children are brushing twice a day for 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste by brushing with them! This gives your family a chance to spend even MORE quality time together. If you brush twice a day for 3 months of summer with your children or your significant other… that’s 6 extra hours of time together.

Also- don’t forget to floss! That should be done once a day. Kids should floss between any two teeth that touch. Many kids, up to age 10, do not have the motor skills to be able to floss yet so they may need help! You can try putting your hands over theirs as a guide to get the job done OR try using different types of child interdental cleaners.



Just Say No… to sugary snacks and drinks

With hotter temperatures, it is very common for families to snack and sip during festivals, sports tournaments, and other events. Even though these treats are delicious, you should think of them as such… only enjoy them once in a while.

Summertime grazing can damage your smile, so it’s important to snack smart! Try eating tooth healthy foods and drink lots of water.





Back-To-School Dental Visit

As summer comes to a close, many schools require “back-to-school” dental visits for certain grades. These checkups are an excellent way to make sure your’s and your children’s teeth have remained healthy over break. Try making your appointments early during summer to avoid the August rush, this way you get the best appointment time that works for you.






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