Dental Crowns – SAME DAY!

CEREC Same Day Crowns

A dental crown is used as a tooth-shaped cover that restores a decayed or weak tooth. With CEREC and recent advances in dental technology, it is now faster and more effective than ever. Dr. Karim Morales utilizes CEREC, CAD/CAM tools, and an in-house milling machine to plan, prepare, and place porcelain crowns in a single visit at our office. 

We are pleased to offer our patients this more improved method of placing a dental crown.  

How CEREC Works

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This technology has transformed restorative dentistry. It works by using special software which digitally scans and allows your dentist to digitally map your crown. Then the milling machine to make the crown is located right here in our office.

When You Might Need a CEREC Crown

  • Fractured Tooth
  • Broken Tooth
  • Severely Decayed Tooth
  • Worn or Weak Tooth
  • Cosmetically imperfect tooth in the front of your smile

Process of a CEREC Crown

To start, any decayed tissue is removed by your dentist and they will reshape your tooth to accommodate for the crown. Local anesthetic will be used to help you remain comfortable through this process. Your enamel will also be removed during this process to make the base of the tooth thicker than the top. 

Next, digital scans of the tooth are taken and sent to the CEREC software. This is where your dentist can map out the blueprint of your new crown then transfer that information to the milling machine. 

This is where the restoration will be crafted from a single blog of dental porcelain in a matter of minutes. 

Benefits of a Same Day Crown

CEREC / same day crowns offer numerous benefits in comparison to conventional dental crowns. These benefits include:

  • CEREC is completed in a single visit to the dentist, as opposed to conventional methods which require two or more visits. That saves you time as well as sick leave and/or vacation days.
  • CEREC uses digital scans instead of bite-down impressions, which can be uncomfortable and cause some people to gag.
  • No temporary crown is needed since your crown will be placed in a single visit. Temporary crowns may break, cause discomfort, or stick out against your surrounding tooth enamel.
  • Digital dentistry can be more accurate which leads to improved treatment planning in many cases.
  • CEREC crowns are made from a material that looks and feels just your natural tooth enamel. They are made of porcelain. 

Is a CEREC Same-Day Crown The Right Choice for You?

Many people can benefit from the ease and convenience offered by CEREC same day technology if they need a dental crown. To determine if this is the right choice for you,  click this link to request a consultation.

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